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Excerpts from the many recent notes of thanks from John's clients:

"Thank you for all your help, Bob! Very much appreciated, I will be recommending John Hart Insurance to anyone who asks! Sincerely,"
- Caroline

"Bob, No words. Awesome and amazing. You spoil me! :)"
- Karen

"You are my Hero!"
- Shawn

"BIG THANKS JOHN! We will try and give you more lead time in the future but appreciate you making this happen!"
- Matthew

"REALLY appreciate that turnaround. You're the best!"
- Neil

"John, Can't thank you enough for making this happen so quickly. All the best,"
- Milt

"Thank you for all your help and hard work.  You made our lives a bit easier not having to worry about insurance issues"
- Mickey C. - Post Production studio owner

"On behalf of the Board of Trustees and myself, I thank you for your participation in our Trainee seminar, Production Insurance.  It was well received by the class.  They enjoyed your humor and your expertise.  It will take them a while to realize the full depth of knowledge you so graciously shared with them"
- John S. - Directors Guild of America

"Thank you so much for your presentation yesterday.  I got several complimentary comments.  I think they get it now  that insurance is a critical component of making films and you must get it right or pay the consequences.  I'm sure no one else has ever tried to stuff them full of so much information"
- Elaine D. - University of Southern California

"Thank you so much for your professionalism and assistance with my production…you were always helpful and courteous - particularly with my millions of inquiries concerning coverage and procedures"
- Ken S. - independent producer

"There are not enough kind word for you …the champion of us directors and producers…thank you"
- Michael K - independent producer

"In the new year I'd love to review all of our clients' policies and see if any additional ones can be switched to you :)"
- Alex S.

"Thanks John for your immediate assistance!"
- Angelo M.

"John, you are the best!! Thanks so much! Now I can truly relax on Thanksgiving, knowing that the insurance is in place! Thank you so much! If I haven't said it enough yet, you guys are amazing!"
- Dominik R.

"Thanks for being so efficient!!"
- Heather S.

"Rock On! Now we are cooking!"
- Tiff W.

"Thank you as always for all your help. Looking forward to another policy with you!!!"
- Amy K.

"Thank you for all your help!"
- Adam W.

"You are the best, John!!!"
- Dawn K.

"Dude - you will forever be my 'go to' guy."
- Marc S.

"Whew! Thanks, John, for going above and beyond. We really needed this."
- Stephanie D.

"I refer because you take care of my clients and handle what is needed. Keep up the good work."

"Thank you, Sarah.  It's been a pleasure doing business with you and John."
-Clint :-)

"Where would I be without your help?!
Much thanks," -Sharon

"Thank you!  The shoot went well. Nobody hurt. Didn't burn the place down. Client was happy… Thanks again for all your work, especially under the tight deadline. You are very much appreciated!"
Best, Dave

"Thanks for your prompt response…   It's always a pleasure to work with you!"
Best, Alicia

"Awesome. Thank you so much, John."

"Thank you John.  It’s always a pleasure working with you!"

"I definitely plan on getting another policy, and John's the only one I trust to get a policy through. Thanks so much!"

"Dear Sarah,
bowing in reverence and appreciation....
tell Hart to give you a raise...
Awesome! Thank you Sarah. You and John Rock!" -Kico

"Fantastic - thanks for the update.  We had our first big shoot today and it went extremely smoothly. Very happy to have your company on board!"
Best, Jörg

"You the man!!  thank you."

"You are my first choice if when comes to insurance and I always recommend you when people ask for insurance packages. Hope to do business with you soon,"
best, richard

"Many thanks for following up - ON A SUNDAY - what a great broker!"
Best, Dana

"Great! Thank you so much! If I haven't said it enough yet, you guys are amazing!"

"REALLY appreciate that turnaround. You're the best!"
-Neil V – senior producer

Can't thank you enough for making this happen so quickly.
All the best, "
-Milt – documentary producer

"I chose the best!!!"
-Penny – producer

"John – what a breeze this online cert. issuing is. I love it!
Thanks for your help with the insurance. Really appreciate how promptly you made it happen, with a good price too.
Have a good long weekend."
-Nanda - producer

"Good to know you there for us! Thank you!
Best Regards,"
-Elizabeth – accounting

"Thanks John! You've saved the day!!!!"
-Laney – Business Manager

"So thanks in advance for your expediency. I'm relieved I can rely on you in a pinch."
-MICHAEL – producer

"Super John, thanks for the quick turn around."
-Jon – producer

"As per our conversation I am CCing in my insurance agent, John Hart. You can call or have your buddy contact, John Hart through his website: He is a great guy and enjoys helping producers. I recommend John. He is a great guy and provides a great service."
-John – producer

"Thanks again for everything. You were so easy and nice to work with. I'll remember your efficiency and kindness and pass along your name-- and call you again the next time around! (hopefully this production won't spook me away from making more films!)"
-Toby – Producer

"Thank you for your service earlier today! Chris was right you are good… I was very pleased with your service and will keep it for future shoots as well as refer you to others. I'm looking forward to working with you in the near future and wanted to thank-you whole heartedly!
-Robert – photographer

Thank you once again! As always, it has been effortless and a pleasure to work with you and John!"